Over the past years we have seen a continuing growth in the use of custom shade sails in dining establishments from fast food outlets through cafes, restaurants, fine dining, clubs and hotels.

As the world heats up sitting outside is not so pleasant unless you have some shade. But often shade alone is not enough and people are understanding that putting up a cotton sheet will provide shade but not protect from very harmful UV rays. Shade cloth is not just a piece of fabric it is specially designed and manufactured with a mono filament, this filament is what provides the Ultraviolet protection. Even a light-coloured shade cloth, such as Aquatic Blue, will provide a shade factor of 85.6% with a UV Block of 91.1% - this is like putting on a 30-50 SPF sun cream.

We use premium quality shade cloth from Gale Pacific which is endorsed by THE CANCER COUNCIL!

It used to be that Custom Shade sails for outdoor dining were almost exclusively used by beach side venues but can now they can be seen in city and urban environments also in much colder climates. We have a steady flow of orders from Scandinavia and Northern Europe, sun burns in even in these areas!

Sail Shade World has supplied shade sails to hundreds of businesses in the hospitality industry worldwide.

Pictures on this page are for installations from Marbella in Spain, a beach cafe in Malta, a restaurant in Anguilla, a hotel in Corsica, a pizza restaurant in Italy, a Cafe in RĂ©union, 2 different cafes in Canada and USA, a disco area on a Mediterranean ferry and 19th hole at a golf course in Australia.

There are many, many more cafes and restaurants throughout the world using Sail Shade World for their shade requirements.

To provide shade sails for your establishment is quick and easy and we are more than happy to help.