dry ground under shade sail

water logged shade sail view 1

water logged shade sail view 2

water beading under normal shade sail
dry ground under shade sail


We do not make or sell waterproof custom shade sails (WS). You could say we are not fans!

Most enquiries we get for a shade sail that will stop rain come without the person thinking it through. Typically, a person wants a shade sail to protect themselves from the sun, provide shade and a cooler spot to sit, then for some reason this turns into we want an umbrella!

One of the beauties of a shade sail is they allow air flow, they "breathe". Sitting under a well-planned shade sail is not unlike sitting under a lovely shady tree, you get protection from the sun, from UV rays and have shade with a nice flow of air. It is also a cooler place to be! Hot air rises and our product allows it to escape. As an example, I ask "have you ever been to a summer event in a tent? Can you remember how hot it got?" The reason for the question is this is the effect you get when you have a WS, it is not pleasant.

Other factors against the WS are that rain seldom falls vertically and shade sails are usually high off the ground! In most scenarios if you are standing in the middle of the shade sail your head and shoulders will stay dry - now we are talking about an umbrella (again).

Water ponds on the sail, as we show in one of the pictures of a WS, it will spontaneously dump a few gallons on whoever is near the sail

Our customers' experience with outdoor dining spaces is that, usually in colder climates, heavy rain is associated with a temperature drop and wind. That in itself makes staying outside very unpleasant.


We do not supply waterproof fabric. All our commercial grades are showerproof in light rain or drizzle.  As shown in the pictures on this page.

All the pictures indicate dry ground after a light rain shower. Even in heavy rain the water does not come directly through the shade cloth but will find its way to the lowest point and run off, because shade cloth is permeable there will be some drips as shown in the picture.


Think carefully Do you really want protection from the rain or protection from the sun? They are not the same thing!