1.  Select Shade Cloth weight you wish to use

2.  From the dropdown (CHOOSE SHAPE) select the number of sides your shade sail will have

3.  Enter your dimensions in MM (or inches if you are in the USA) - click CONTINUE WITH QUOTE

4.  Under Choose Fittings SELECT STAINLESS or NONE - click CONTINUE WITH QUOTE

5.  SELECT ACTUAL or ALLOWANCE then your colour choice from the Dropdown then - click CONTINUE WITH QUOTE

6.  Fill in all the fields required - select the options as you need - click CONFIRM DATA AND OBTAIN QUOTATION

7.  If there are errors correct them

  The quote will appear on the next screen.

Because of fluctuating currency exchange rates and transport costs the quote is valid for 7 days

If you are not sure about the SHAPE options look

ACTUAL means you will receive your sail in the dimensions entered on this page.
ALLOWANCE means that we will make your sail smaller to accommodate the size of the tensioning fittings.
In the colour selection area clicking an colour thumbnail will display a larger very accurate representation of the colour.
If you have already selected the stainless steel fittings you will see PREMIUM FITTINGS UPGRADE. This is our newest turnbuckle and will only require a very small additional payment.
To be able to conduct our business with you we do need you Name, Email and phone number. We do not use this information for any other purpose at all - in the main menu you can read PRIVACY.
REVIEW CAD. This means we will send you a CAD of the shade sail before we make it so you can double check all is correct.
OPTIONAL VIP ORDER. Means your order will receive priority.
VELCRO/LED. We will fir velcro tabs on the underside of the shade sail so you can use an LED rope for lighting.
PARABOLIC CURVES. So a sail will tension properly the sides have a 5% parabolic curve. If you want this reduced to 2% then click each side you want the change. (this is customer choice but we do not recommend it)
PALM STRAPS. Are straps to go round a tree as a mounting, rather than drilling holes.

PLEASE NOTE THE GREEN QUESTION MARKS - click them for further information

You can have many quotes as you like BUT when you come to place your ORDER please only do so when you have created a quote based on onsite measurements.

You will be asked if you would like us to reduce the overall size of the sail by 3%. This will make it harder to mount but increase the tension (all professional installers take this option)